Friday, December 7, 2012

SharePoint Saturday San Antonio

This has been a LONG time coming, but I finally have my wrap uppost from about 2 months ago when SharePoint Saturday San Antonio actually took place.

My presentation was less than stellar due to buggy RC code, network issues, and my inability to adapt on the fly during the presentation.  However, I have great news!  I've recreated the presentation between a blog post on the AIS Blog and a video hosted through the AIS YouTube account (the video is also embedded in the post).

In addition, I've uploaded my slide deck to SlideShare.  Feel free to grab it.

AIS Blog Post
AIS YouTube Video
SlideShare Deck


  1. Have you solved this ?
    Directory Links across partitions are not allowed. Get when trying to crawl BCS connection of AdventureWorks in #SP2013
    Please respond to

    1. No, we still haven't found a resolution to that yet.

    2. After much frustration, I found this post:


      crawling-odata-bdc-sources.aspx; it worked for me. Simply change

      the content source to crawl a selected external data source instead

      of crawling all external data sources.