Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SharePoint Saturday St. Louis Presentation

The Event

I presented at SharePoint Saturday St. Louis (#SPSSTL on Twitter) on June 2nd. This was my first time speaking on SharePoint. I submitted a session called "Solution Showcase: Where should I eat when I visit the company's other offices?". This was based off a project I did for a former employer. It covered Event Receivers on Content Types, geocoding via Bing's service, and showing pins on a Silverlight map.

I was scheduled for the last session of the day which was both a blessing and a curse. It gave me time to keep running the presentation over in my head, but it also meant that I had to wait and stew on it. I thought I was going to be more nervous than I was. That probably had something to do with the turn out for the session. I had seven people attend, three of which work for the former employer and now manage the original project. I didn't mind that, though. It made it easier to settle in, I think.

Lessons Learned

I experienced a few rookie mistakes. First, my Silverlight had an issue on the popup on the pins. I probably shouldn't have been heavily tweaking the code the day before. I think I screwed up the dynamic binding in the XAML because I changed method names.

Second, the poor turnout was partially to blame for the extremely nice day out, but I think my session title was so vague that without the description people couldn't figure out what was being presented. I'm going to change it before I submit for other events.

Last, my only real review (I gave myself a 3/5) said that it was not a 200 level session. He/She was expecting more demo/examples than deep-dive code. I'll be upgrading it to a 300 level for next time.


I'm going to tweak the code so it'll not only work, but also to have a few upgrades that I wanted to include. I didn't have enough time to work in the changes that I want. I will get it all posted, hopefully, by next weekend. I'll also post my slide deck, all 8 or 9 slides, when I get the code up.

I'm looking forward to submitting for SharePoint Saturday San Antonio that will be on October 6th. I have another session already in mind that will be developer-centric as well, but I'm not going to spoil the surprise.

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