Monday, January 3, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Migration Hell - Part 2

Now that I've flogged Microsoft Tech Support for their inability to resolve my issue, let's actually fix this thing.

I was still stumped as I had exhausted Google. We called in the consultant again and gave him some of the information found during the tech support debacle.

1. Database upgrade status was "database is up to date, but some sites are not completely upgraded."
2. A feature was not properly removed from the 2007 farm before upgrade. It was a custom InfoPath template.

He plugged away at this issue with a backup of the database in his development environment. He found an answer after about a week (this was the week before Christmas so the Microsoft ticket had been open for about a month).

Here's the Plan of Action:

-Mark the Database as read-only
-backup and copy to "Fix-up" environment (a clean 2010 farm).
-Delete site that had the bad feature issue.
-Apply August CU's to farm.
-Run Upgrade Powershell command.
-Confirm database reads "No action required."
-Reattach to production

6 hour scheduled downtime and we were done in 6 hours. Plus, the site stayed up in read-only mode during the whole thing. No "real" downtime.

The root cause comes down to a feature that wasn't removed properly before the migration not allowing the primary site collection to upgrade.


  1. I don't understand your plan of action. It looks like you lost all the data in the site that had the bad feature issue (because you deleted it). Is that right?

  2. Yes. Unfortunately, that probably won't help many people, but that was the only way we were able to resolve it. I tried removing the Form Library that the tainted form was associated with, but that didn't clear the issue. Thankfully, the site didn't have much of value in it, so we backed it up (just in case) and deleted it.