Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Re-Create My Sites

I'm sure this is a "Duh!" moment to many, but I was worried I wasn't ever going to have a functioning My Sites.  When the new server farm was built, I was working on another project so I didn't have any, or very little, say in how it was built out by the consultant.  He built it out with My Sites pointing to http://mysites:80.  That would be all fine and good, but that isn't a valid URL.  We don't have a server named mysites and the alias (I forget the real term) is not in DNS or Alternate Access Mappings (which don't matter because DNS doesn't recognize it).  It didn't seem that there was even a Web Application for it, either.

So, I thought, how do I remedy this?  I poked around Central Admin hoping for something to jump out of my monitor and slap me in the face.  Well, after a while I realized that my monitor isn't even 3-D ready, much less capable of Captain N moment. TANGENT: This was one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger.  I watched it again thanks to YouTube and Netflix...not so impressed.  Isn't that the case with childhood enjoyment?  Same thing with Vienna Sausages.  I couldn't imagine eating them now.

Back on topic...

So I started playing on my development machine with the various Site Templates that are available.  Come to find out (here's the "Duh!") that My Sites has an Enterprise Template.  I created a new Web Application, created a Site Collection and used the My Sites template for the root site, and I was good to go.  One thing to note, check Shared Services to make sure the Preferred Search Center URL is set to what you want and Personal Site Services URL is the new Site URL.

Well, that rounds up this session.  I don't know when the next one will be scheduled.  I'm playing with a new design, so that should provide ample hair pulling as I absolutely despise CSS.  I know it's useful and all, but CSS and SharePoint 2007 mix like oil and water.

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