Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The fire's not as hot as expected (update on graduate degree classes)

Well, this quarter hasn't been as hard as expected.  It HAS cut into some family time, but that's been limited to primarily time with my wife as I typically wait until after 8pm, when my daughter goes to bed, to start working on projects.  The wife is cool with it, though, as she understands the long-term benefit.

So far, there have been 2 papers, 1 3-5 page, 1 7-10, and another 7-10 page paper is due Thursday.  I've also given 2 of 3 12-23 minute presentations and have taken 2 of 3 quizzes.  I still intend to share the papers and presentations, but I haven't figured out how and when.  NOTE: If you intend to plagiarize any of them, the school submits them to an online system.  That system is used by several schools to validate students' papers against.  Also, while I know I'm a procrastinator, I'd still like to think that my effort is worth a simple reference on your Works Cited page, so, if you're going to use my work, please use it the right way.

Alright, I'll get off my soapbox.  So the papers, including the one due this week, have these topics:

Paper #1: Benefits and Constraints of Internet Marketing
Paper #2: History of Social Networking
Paper #3: Creating and Maintaining a Corporate Intranet Built on Microsoft SharePoint

The "History of Social Networking" paper was really interesting.  Interesting tidbits from my research include:

  • Facebook was based off of a drunken Mark Zuckerberg prank (sourced in the paper...not my assumption/claim...Facebook/Zuckerberg, I'm not looking for a libel suit if this, in fact, inaccurate.  I'll sell out my source in a heartbeat.)
  • Do you remember a site called SixDegrees.com? I don't, but it was apparently the first social network that resembled the current powerhouses of the genre.
The 2 presentations have been about:

Presentation #1: Contemporary Issues in Intranet Administration
Presentation #2: Review of NewEgg's Web Presence

Both were interesting to work on, but I never realized that NewEgg was more than just NewEgg.com.  They own NewEggBusiness (tech products and office supplies geared toward, you guessed it, businesses), EggXpert (blogs, forums, chat, etc.  Read: free tech support), and NewEggMall (think Ebay Stores minus the listing fee).  

It's been a pretty informative class.  In fact, it's the first time that I can remember where I actually pay attention the entire class!  That might be the reason I was only a 3.3 student in high school and less than that during my undergrad.

I've already registered for next quarter.  It's a Project Management cluster.  My other option was Data Warehouses and Data Mining.  I'm just not sure that's something I care enough about to sign up for.  I probably should, but I just don't.  Plus, the Project Management block is one of the three required blocks, so I figured I should just knock those out when I can.

Here's a quick point check on the assignments, if you really care:

Paper #1: 145/150
Paper #2: 149/150
Presentation #1: 123/150 (I can't remember if it was 123 or 128, so I'm playing it conservative)
Presentation #2: 145/150
Quiz #1: 70/70
Quiz #2: 70/70

Paper #3: TBD/150
Presentation #3: TBD/150
Quiz #3: TBD/150
Class Participation: TBD/390

That'll round up this session.  Another session will start soon on SharePoint My Sites.

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