Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A little more fuel for the insanity fire

I'm the SharePoint Architect at a hospital and have a second child on the way, but I decided that's not enough chaos in my life.  So, I've started back to school to earn my Masters.  I'm working through Lindenwood University's LCIE program to get my Masters in Information Technology.  The main reason behind this is so I can hopefully teach college courses in IT.  My programming classes were severely lacking in my undergraduate programs, so I'd like to teach a much more thorough (and probably way more intensive) block of programming courses so students hopefully have something to start with after graduating.  If it wasn't for the jobs I worked while still in school, I would be so far behind where I'm at right now.

I'm hoping to post about the experience and maybe even make the assignments available after the clusters are finished.  It's a writing-intensive program as it's all theory, so there will be lots of papers.

The PDF of the program can be found here.  There's 5 clusters and 1 capstone course.  Each cluster is 9 hours (3 classes) and about 12-13 weeks long.  My general plan is to do this for free as I have a really good tuition reimbursement benefit from work, so I'm only going to take 2 clusters per year.  I'm thinking that graduation will be after the Spring cluster of 2012.

My first cluster is Internet Culture.  It's one of the elective blocks, but I thought I should start with something that I hopefully understood since I live in a web world at work.  It's centered around web marketing and administration.  I had a paper due for the first class this past Saturday on the benefits and constraints of internet marketing.  It didn't get turned in, though, because the professor we were supposed to have dropped himself from the class.  He was over-committed and needed to lighten his workload.  I'll get to meet the new professor Thursday.

Well, if you don't hear back from me, it's either because I'm completely swamped in work/school/family stuff or I've been committed.

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